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Tronwings breaks down the complexities of investing with intuitive tools that add efficiency and simplicity

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About Tronwings

Tronwings is basically a Single leg platform Concept which is very popular globally. our system is autofill plan. it is a great pleasure for us, that you have chosen for your financial freedom. here you will get an opportunity to make your dreams come true, if you put reasonable efforts by honestly following the guidelines of the system.

Tronwings is a finance marketing company to help the people to pursue their dreams and to make wonderful lifestyle. We help the people and teach them to help other also. We join with people to help them and to achieve their goals of life.We believe on our strength to make a successful life and give a quality of life to live in this beautiful world.

Benefits of Using Our Solution

Due to the use of large computing power and artificial based on the neural network, the
NRM assistant will instantly analyze user data use.


Blockchain Based

Real Time updates

Smart Contract

Token Details

The Divine token is a DVN of wings network. An investor simply needs to hold Divine token instead of spending them to be eligible to run dap / enjoy profit when launched on exchange.

We give free Divine token with every slot.

We maintain an open communication with our community

There will be supply of total 100000000 DVN tokens. Out of which 35% (350000000) will be locked for 5 years. And 10% (35000) will be released every year.

10% (100000000) will be reserved for free Airdrop

10% (100000000) will be for private sale

IDO, Innovation project and Staking will be 10% (100000000) each

Marketing team, Team Advesory and Advanced Ecosystem will be 5% (500000000) each.

10% (100000000) will be for pre-selling, There will be 50 phases in Pre-selling. In each phase price of token will increase by 1$.


Due to the use of large computing power and artificial instantly analyze user data and offer solutions for their further use.

Website Launch

Wings token development

Running Smart Chain Contract

Research and Development

Airdrop Distribution

Presale of Wings Community

Public Sale Through IDO

Private sale 10%

Wings listing on coin market cap, Pancakeswap, hotbit, latoken exchange

launch NFT market place

Wings Exchange

Wings Blockchain

Wings swap wallet

Al NGO revolution, Gaming revolution.